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“… the Local HUB is a cultural habitat

Reading Space & Workplace


On the 1st floor you can read or work in a warm environment every day.

Info Point



Get information on activities you can do in Messolonghi and places you should visit as a local or a visitors of the city.




Interdisciplinary events take place every month.

Screenings, presentations, discussions.

Maps & Souvenirs


In the Local HUB you can find maps and unique creations by local artists that you can take back with as you a special souvenir while at the same time supporting our organisation.

Experiential Workshops & Seminars


Experiential workshops and skill development seminars.

Point for meeting and expression


It is a space where locals meet, discuss and debate on matters stemming from their own interests or problems concerning the local community.

Participatory Mapping


Meeting point where locals create cultural maps for the wider region of Messolonghi.

Wetland Protection



Actions aimed at raising awareness and protecting our rare ecosystem and environment.

“… an open space for citizens to create, express themselves, learn and network

A Space for Creation

We support any creative initiative or idea that can strengthen the local community.

A Space for Expression

where discussions take place and ideas that concern us all are shared.

A Space for Learning

through the exchange of knowledge between citizens and also through an experiential way of learning about the local cultural heritage. Seminars and workshops that broaden the horizons of the participants are also organised in the Local HUB.

A Space for Networking

where people with common interests meet, connect and cooperate.

Where is the Local HUB?

Eleftheriou Venizelou & Kosta Katsi (“Athanasiou Razikotsika Square”, former “Kennedi Square”), 30200, Messolonghi, Greece

When can you reach us?

Monday – Friday: 10:00-13:00

Monday – Wednesday – Friday: 17:00-20:00

(Off- hours, If you see lights on at the Local HUB do not hesitate to come in and say hello!)

Snapshots from our daily routine at the Local HUB


Join us and participate in making cultural routes for the city of Messolonghi!