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Cultural Routes


The Cultural Routes are the result of the participatory mapping of the local cultural heritage that takes place in the context of Messolonghi By Locals


Learn about historical events and meet key figures from the birth of the city of Messolonghi until today
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Learn about the archeological sites of the area of Messolonghi
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Get to know what has passed on to our  society from generation to generation and concerns morals – customs, perceptions, behaviors, values and activities.
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Explore spaces of local art within the area
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Outdoor Activities

Discover the activities you can do in the beautiful natural environment of the region
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Local Products

Learn about the present and past local products of the region.
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Discover the landscape of the wider area of ​​the wetland and its beautiful mosaic of plains, hills, islets, oak forests, cliffs and canyons.
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Connect with the built heritage of the city and discover buildings with architectural interest that reflect the economic and social conditions of the city from the past to the present.
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