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The timeline of Messolonghi

A timeline showing the evolution of Messolonghi, from its birth until the 70’s
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From the birth of the city until the 17th century

Notable events, natural space and human actions. The reasons and keystones of development of the region of Messolonghi.
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18th century: The era of prosperity

The era of prosperity and the second town destruction
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Historical walk with the free besieged

Historic places of the city where memorable events took place. The preparation of the city’s defense, the sieges, the Exodus and the events that followed it are narrated.
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Kostis Palamas: 160 years from his birth

A tour through the life of the famous poet
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From the neighbourhood of Kostis Palamas to his favourite place

A short walk from the neighborhood of Kostis Palamas, where he used to play as a boy,to the place where he liked to rest alone and meditate.
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Following the steps of the 5 prime ministers from Messolonghi

Visiting the places where they lived in the past but also in places that remain today and remind us of them.
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Literary route: Malakasis, Palamas, Akakia

A literary walk in the city of poets, Messolonghi.
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