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tour experiences


Enjoy the tour in the lagoon and admire the unique ecosystem.

Do you want to feel like a pirate?Want to learn about the rare lagoon ecosystem? Board the traditional fishing boat of the lagoon that comes from the depths of time, travel between the dalmatian pelicans and history and experience the magic of the city born of water.


Enjoy the tour with the traditional fishing boat and visit the Vasiladi island with the light house and the historical church of St Sostis.

The unique islet of Agios Sostis with the lighthouse and the small church is waiting for you to see the city of water from its sea border! See the lighthouse that leads the boats in the arms of Messolonghi and get to know the water route that leads to the Ionian sea.



Βecome a fisherman for a day and throw your hook in tradition and gastronomy.

Take a tour of the fisherman’s daily life and the traditional ways of fishing, get to know their pile dwellings, board the traditional fishing boat “gaita” and sail in a unique tour of the lagoon of Kleisova, get acquainted with the traditional ways of catching and processing the products in the natural fish farms and taste the fishing products that are a trademark of the place.



Take a tour of the archeological site of the ancient city Plevrona mentioned in the Second Iliad of Homer for its participation in the Trojan War and at the same time dmire the panoramic view of the Messolonghi lagoon and the Ionian Sea.



Take a tour of the Garden of Heroes and become part of the history of the Exodus and the city that Lord Byron loved.
A unique journey in the history of the Sacred City in Greece’s largest outdoor sculpture gallery.



Experience the events that shaped modern Europe with a tour of the historic city center and the Museum of History and Art.

Get to know historical relics from the period of the Exodus but also works of art of world scope, among others by Theodoros Vryzakis and Emile De Lansac that marked the collective memory of humanity.



Take a photo safari tour with a chance to refine your photography skills and take great photos of the area

Messolonghi is the ideal destination for those who engage in photography and are looking for inspiration and unique thematic shots in a special landcape as. It a top-ranked city for film and television productions and photo studios as it combines the beauty and tranquility of the lagoon with unique cultural characteristics. Experience the photographic safari and capture the many faces of the lagoon with your “clicks”.

Combine the experiences that interest you as you want and live your own unique moments

The perfect travel experience can be combined according to your wishes, composing the best memories of the place that was born from the water and hosted pirates, heroes and fishermen, creating a unique ecosystem that surrounds the city. A walk in the lagoon of Kleisova, a visit to the fisherman’s fish farms, a tour of historical, archeological and photographic routes can become part of your vacation in a place that combines what you had not yet imagined.


Visit the info point of the city with maps, information, souvenirs and much more

The info point is waiting to help you live the authentic experience of the locals! Get maps and information, take part in activities and workshops and experience Messolonghi like a local. Choose small gifts and souvenirs from local artists to take back home and to support our organization .

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