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In the second phase of the program “START: Create Cultural Change” “Messolonghi by Locals” was selected (along with 14 other initiatives in Greece) to be funded with 10,000€ in order to implement its cultural action in the city of Messolonghi. During this period:

  • The social and cultural centre “Local HUB” was created.
  • The first 8 thematic sections of cultural mapping were defined (History, Architecture, Outdoor Activities, etc.) and a team of coordinators was formed for each mapping section.
  • “Capacity building” workshops were held for the coordinators in order to get to know better the art of participatory leadership,participatory decision-making methods and project management.
  • The local community was informed about the new project through “Meet Messolonghi by Locals” actions at the “Local HUB” but also through the press, social networks, etc.
  • The process of participatory mapping began and the first 15 thematic cultural routes were created through the collaboration of citizens, institutions, educational institutions, associations, etc. In addition, during the process of recording and mapping, visual and audiovisual material was developed (photographs, engravings, paintings, short films etc.) 
  • Citizens were given the opportunity to express what Messolonghi is for them through events (photo exhibitions, answers to questionnaires, discussions etc.)
  • During the process of recording the cultural heritage of Messolonghi, the thematic groups that were created organized cultural activities within the “Local Hub” (exhibitions, presentations, etc.) but also outside (theatrical performances from schools in ancient theaters in the area, etc.) in order to share the knowledge acquired with the rest of the public.