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In June 2019, “Messolonghi by Locals” receives the “Scaling Award” (€ 10,000) from the “START: Create Cultural Change” program. With this financial support, “Messolonghi by Locals”:

  • Organizes the 1st Festival: “Messolonghi by Locals Festival – Explore Local Identity” Explore Local Identity “in September 2019.
  • Renovates the top floor of the “Local Hub”. Since December 2019, the Local Hub includes a a reading room and a co-working space on the upper floor, which is also used for the daily meetings of the mapping teams and the daily activities of the organization.
  • Establishes a monthly program of actions (night of table games, screenings, discussions for the public matters) and workshops (cinema, photography, engraving).
  • Implements  activities and events of different content that emerge through discussions and are based on the needs of the locals.
  • Implements an educational program entitled “Mapping our place”